Farm with Purpose

OurPurpose, Inc | New York, New York

Powering the future of farming

We're building a trading platform to allow people to invest into their communities, while allowing farmers, established and aspiring, to build hyperlocal farms. Join the waiting list below - we're looking forward to growing with you!

Beta Launch: Summer 2021*

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Our Vision

People like knowing where their food comes from. As cities grow and people get further and further from food sources, the demand for local produce increases. Vertical farms have risen to fill the need, and we're betting on them to grow even further.

We believe that communities should invest into their food sources - especially when they're right in their own neighborhoods.

That's why we're creating a trading platform to allow people to invest into urban farming. Communities can make money, farmers can raise money to spin up new projects or expand existing ones, and cities can watch as abandoned blacktops and vacant lots turn into sources of fresh produce for their neighborhoods. 


Image by Markus Spiske